Ways To Prevent And Heal Dry Winter Skin

Hey Guys!

Now that Christmas is over and January is upon us, we can all look forward to dropping temperatures, flurries of snow, and endless wind. I find that January through March is almost always the coldest time of the year, which is why it is especially important that we take extra care with our skin so that we don’t dry up like raisins. Dry skin is never pretty; our makeup looks worse, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent and let’s be honest, it can be pretty uncomfortable. No one enjoys tight or itchy skin. With that being said, there are many things you can do to prevent winter from drying out your skin.

1. Take lukewarm showers – This one is always the hardest switch for almost everyone, especially since hot showers feel especially lovely during the wintertime. However, hot water can dry your skin out terribly, so I suggest trying your best to take lukewarm showers. Don’t worry, eventually you’ll get used to it. I’ve been taking lukewarm to cool showers for over a year now, and the very idea of a hot shower turns me off. I find them very uncomfortable now that my skin has acclimated. Also, you’ll probably save money on water because I guarantee your showers will be faster. Haha.

pretty skin

2. Chug that water – This is the oldest trick in the book. Drinking lots of water is amazing for keeping your body healthy, thus keeping your skin hydrated.

3. Moisturize, baby! – You may find that your skin needs more moisture now that its colder, so make sure that you invest in a quality moisturizer that works for you. Whatever worked in spring or summer may not cut it anymore. Remember, you should moisturize at least twice a day. Same goes for your body; find a nice, heavy lotion that keeps your skin soft and supple all day long.

4. Try a moisturizing body wash – It’s not just our faces that suffer during the winter. There is personally nothing I hate more then my body feeling dry and itchy. So, try pumping up your moisturizing routine with a richer body wash to help soften your skin.

5. Plug in a Humidifier – This is a super effective trick. Try using a humidifier in your room to help put some moisture back into the air while you sleep. Dry air can be a huge contributor to dry skin, so investing in a humidifier may help to alleviate many of your dry skin troubles.

6. Eat well – Eating properly is a must if you want soft, smooth skin. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats, like nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut oil. Also, try to stay away from refined sugars and refined white carbs as they can really dry out your skin, and make your complexion appear more dull.

Winter is the hardest time of the year to maintain good skin, so I hope that you find success with these tips. What do you do to help prevent and heal dry skin?


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