Hello lovelies,


I don’t know about you, but where I am, winter is relentless. The cold and snow is still going strong, so to keep my skin soft and fresh, I have turned to exfoliating my skin more regularly. Now, I have always struggled to find really good exfoliators because I am super sensitive, and many products do more damage than good, and end up irritating my skin. Not fun at all. You know that generic apricot scrub that you can get pretty much anywhere? That stuff has never gone over very well for me. Countless others that claim to be made for sensitive skin have also let me down. So, for the longest time, I didn’t exfoliate, which of course resulted in dry, flaky build-up. After a few months of dry skin (it looked so bad whenever I wore makeup, no matter how hydrating the formula was) I decided to do some research and find a way to exfoliate that wouldn’t harm my delicate skin. And guess what? I found the answer.



Yes. Oatmeal. Organic, quick oats that cost a few bucks at the grocery store. It is truly one of the most fabulous things that I have ever done for my skin.

For one, while oats naturally exfoliate your skin, they also have incredible anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe your skin, and prevent redness and irritation. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making it amazing to use on sensitive skin. It has also been known to lessen and heal many skin disorders, such as acne, eczema, sunburns and psoriasis. It can help to normalize your skins ph while helping to moisturize and cleanse your skin.

So how do you use it? Just keep it in your bathroom, and whenever you want to exfoliate, grab a small handful and make a tight fist with your hand. Then, run your closed fist under running water, making sure that the oats become fully dampened and softened. After, apply it to your face and gently scrub away all your dead skin. It can get messy for sure but believe me, it’s worth it. I find that when I dry my face off, my skin is much softer and brighter. After continuing to do this oatmeal exfoliant a couple times a week, I noticed that my skin became a lot more even toned as well; past acne marks or small discolourations began to fade, leaving my skin looking very fair and just incredibly even.

You can also drop a handful of oats into your bath if you suffer from dry, itchy skin. It’s insane how oats can be used to cure so many different skin conditions. Plus oatmeal is super delicious!

So I hope that you give this awesome trick a try! Your skin will love it, and so will your wallet! haha.


The Best Natural and Effective Exfoliator