Why Exercise is Crucial for Good Skin

Hey guys!

Now that summer is pretty much upon us, I have been dedicating a lot of time to working out. Although it’s great to workout all year long, It’s always so much easier when it’s hot out. It just feels great to break a sweat, kill my workout, and reward myself with a nice cool shower. And then you feel oh so refreshed. ❤

So while exercise has benefited me majorly in terms of physique, it has also been absolutely amazing for my skin. After a couple weeks of steadily working out, I noticed that my skin had a “glow.” Especially when I work out in the morning, which I typically do.

working out

Working out gets your heart pumping, increasing blood flow, which carries oxygen to your cells. This helps to nourish your skin and promote healthy circulation. Exercise also helps to detoxify your body, flushing away waste and free radicals; you’re basically doing an internal cleanse. So before you jump the gun and do the ever so popular juice cleanse, just try to squeeze in more exercise! You will feel amazing.

In addition, exercising releases endorphins which makes you happy. Happier people stress less. And since stress is one of the main causes of skin issues like acne and eczema, working out can play a great role in helping to alleviate these skin issues. I have noticed that my skin has been much clearer, and softer, and really, what more can you ask for? Good health reflects not only on the inside but on the outside. If you want good skin you need to be aware of what you’re putting inside your body, ensuring that you make healthy choices, get your greens, and move around to get your blood flowing. It makes a huge difference. Skincare alone is not enough.

Even so, you need to ensure that you take care of your skin while exercising to ensure that you don’t make things worse. Don’t wear makeup when you workout (or at least the stuff you put on your face. This means foundation, blush, bronzer and powder. A little mascara won’t hurt) and be sure to shower immediately after you workout to get all that sweat and grime off your skin. If you don’t, you run the risk of clogging your skin.

So the moral of the story is take care of your body and your skin will thank you! 🙂




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