Why You Should Go Fragrance-free With Your Skincare

Hello Loves!

I have an obsession with scented things.

Yes, that it very random, but it is very true. I can’t help it. They smell too amazing. I am always most tempted to buy something beauty or lifestyle related when I like the way it smells. I walk by a wonderful vanilla-scented body lotion, and in my basket it goes. I’m at Indigo buying books and suddenly I catch a whiff of a voluspa candle; sold. My favorite Lip balm is jasmine flavored. I love my fresh, clean perfumes. Needless to say, I can very easily appreciate a lovely fragrance, and a lot of you guys out there probably feel the same way. But here’s the thing. When it comes to skincare, fragrance can be extremely irritating. For someone as sensitive myself, I learned the hard way to always buy fragrance-free creams and cleansers. I haven’t used a scented face care product in years.


Fragrances in skincare are unnecessary. Yes, they smell nice, but the chemicals used to formulate these scents are harmful to the body. Many of the chemicals commonly used to create these artificial fragrances are derived from petroleum, petroleum by-products and natural gas. Also, many companies do not actually disclose what goes into making that fragrance. The only thing that will be divulged on their ingredient list is fragrance/parfum. That is the only thing these companies are required to list. And I don’t know about you guys, but that scares me.

These chemicals enter your bloodstream, and long-term exposure to these chemicals and petrochemicals has been linked to several types of cancer as well as endocrine disruption. So yes, that rose-scented cream may smell heavenly to you, but is it really worth it?

If I’m putting it on my face, it’s no doubt fragrance-free. I tend to be more lenient when it comes to body products, and will instead opt for a cream that contains a natural fragrance made with essential oils, being my scent-loving self and all. I think that it’s perfectly fine to go for a naturally scented cream on your body, but maybe not on your face, especially if your sensitive. Essential oils can be damaging as well in high concentrations, and can also cause irritations. Think about lime or lemon oil; in strong amounts, those two have the power to make you super sensitive, especially to the sun. We don’t want that.

I understand that going fragrance-free can be very difficult, especially since scent can have to power to evoke certain emotions and provide comfort. But, now that I have been fragrance-free for a couple years, I can honestly say that I can’t stand the thought of putting something strongly scented on my face. My stuff just feels so much more clean and fresh. And my skin looks calm and even-toned, which of course makes me happiest of all. So if you are sensitive, or just trying to clean out your skincare, always try to opt for fragrance-free products!

what are your guys thoughts on fragrance vs. fragrance-free? I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂




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