Don’t Neglect Your Lips

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to touch upon the importance of lip care. It’s a part of our face, after all, so I would definitely classify lip care as skincare. I’ll be the first to admit, I sometimes forget to moisturize my lips, and by the end of the day, my poor chapped lips are not happy looking in the least. Winter time is the worst; my lips become so sore and red and blistery that smiling hurts. So because I of course don’t want to scare anyone with a spontaneous lip bleed whilst trying to converse, I end up being hyper-aware of my lips. They’ve just always been super dry. *Sigh*

healthy lips

I have tried endless lip balms and over the years I have found the ingredients and products that work best for my lips. I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned with you, maybe you too can find what will work best to make your lips soft and healthy.

If your lips are super dry, i highly suggest buying a lip balm that contains either Shea butter or Beeswax. Both are super thick and moisturizing, and will both help to really lock in moisture. I have tried using lip oils that are comprised of all light ingredients (coconut oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil) and that works for literally about ten seconds. Natural oils are super great for your skin, but because they are so natural, they absorb into our skin super fast. Shea Butter and Beeswax are also natural, but they are occlusive, so they will provide your lips with a protective barrier.

Moving along, let’s talk about Petroleum Jelly. Oh yes. This stuff rocks my world.


I have a big tub of vaseline in my bathroom, on my bedside table as well as those cute mini lip therapy ones in my purse. Mineral oil gets a bad rep these days, but i honestly think that its fantastic. It’s hypoallergenic, which is incredibly important for those of us who suffer from sensitive or reactive skin, and it’s just so moisturizing. It WORKS. It too forms a protective layer over your lips, helping to prevent moisture loss.

One big thing that I would recommend would be to avoid lip balms with an excessive amount of essential oils, simply because they can be quite irritating. For instance, peppermint oil may feel nice and tingly for normal, low-maintenance lips, but for those of us with dry lips, it could easily make matters worse. Same with citrus oils, like lemon, lime or grapefruit. So while all those lip balm with those exotic flavours sound tempting, it may be a better idea to go with the scent-free, no-frills version. Which is probably why I like vaseline so much. It has one ingredient.

P.S. Remember that one of the biggest causes of dry lips could be lack of hydration. DRINK WATER. STAY HYDRATED.

What’s the magical product or ingredient that works for you? I would love to know!