My Favorite Type of Cleanser

Hello Lovelies,

I think that of all the steps in skincare, cleansing is definitely the most underrated. It’s actually really shocking how many people don’t bother to wash their face on a regular basis. So many people neglect to even take five minutes to remove their makeup at night, thus resulting in horrid raccoon eyes and probably a new zit. Others use just about anything they can grab at the drugstore that’s  cheapest because they figure it will be on their skin for the least amount of time. *Sigh.* In truth, the way you cleanse matters. A lot.

I believe that cleansing is our biggest defense against pollution. It removes all that dirt and dead skin that you’ve accumulated throughout the day and also whatever has accumulated during the night as well.  The optimal time for our skin to renew is while we sleep, so of course that results in old, dead skin cells shedding. You need to cleanse both morning and night to encourage those healthy skin cells to come forth and provide your skin with an ideal environment to renew.

That being said, I don’t think it’s necessary to sandblast our skin with harsh, cleansers and exfoliators that will strip the skin of its natural oils. No matter your skin type, I believe that gentle is always the way to go. When looking for a good cleanser, try to avoid anything with sulfates, as well as synthetic fragrances. Those ingredients tend to be more irritating that anything else.

There are many different kinda of cleanser formulations, from gels, to milks, to oils to cream. Here is my personal favorite kind of face wash:

Lotion cleansers!!

I like this one by Avene! It’s super gentle and leaves my skin so soft.


I also love this one from La Roche-Posay. It’s very similar to the above one.


They’re both very mild and completely fragrance free making them perfect for sensitive skin. The only downside is that they don’t remove heavy makeup. Some mineral powder and mascara, for sure, but if you have a whole makeup routine, I would suggest investing in a makeup remover that you can use beforehand. I simply use miceller water.

Of all the cleansers I’ve tried, these two are my absolute favorites! If you have sensitive skin like me, be sure to check them out! 🙂




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