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My Quick and Easy fix for Tired Eyes

Hey lovelies,

I feel like no matter where I go, or who I talk to, pretty much everyone surrounding me is sleep deprived. It’s probably one of the most common things that everyone talks about; how much sleep they’re NOT getting. I’m not excluded from this bunch. I too have my days where I’m walking around looking more zombie than human. The worst part about not getting sleep is the resulting dark circles I get; they’re pretty insane. You can always tell when I’ve stayed up the whole night reading a book (I have a reading obsession…any other book lovers here??). I almost look like I have two black eyes. Not attractive.

So of course I’ve tried a few eye creams, and I don’t know guys… they never work on me, even ones that are specifically targeted towards dark circles. So I pretty much resigned myself to a life of looking like a Cullen until I recently tried this amazing trick that I found on the internet. It’s nothing new, and has been a known dark circle reliever for years, but I never took it seriously. What a mistake. It made my eyes look so alive!  So what is this miracle remedy?


Green tea bags.


Seriously, if you have ten minutes to spare in the morning, I highly suggest trying this out. You simply steep two bags of green tea (organic is probably best), let both of them cool completely, and then let them sit on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. First of all, it feels amazing and refreshing. Second, it actually works. My eyes looked so much better, and even felt less strained. Green tea is filled with antioxidants; they’re also a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. They de-puff your eye area, and even make the skin around your eyes softer. Your eye area just looks so much healthier. It makes sense. Skincare companies have been using green tea as an active skincare ingredient for years. With this awesome DIY eye treatment, you’re getting straight green tea goodness.

Has anyone else tried this trick?? Let me know 🙂






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