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Oil Cleansing?? My thoughts.

oil cleanse

Hello Lovelies,

I’m back today to talk about one of the most hyped about skincare trends going on in the beauty world; Oil cleansing. It’s a staple routine in Korea, and man, do they ever know skincare over there. I’m often both perturbed and mesmerized when I see Korean women’s skin; just thinking about it brings to mind images of smooth porcelain. And can we please talk about how young they look?? They’re practically ageless, and many of them credit their amazing skin to their daily skincare routine. The thing is, a true Korean skincare routine involves ten steps, which to me seems incredibly daunting, time-consuming and expensive. Even so, I took one look at their glowing faces, and knew I had to give oil cleansing a try. They consider cleansing to be the most important step in skincare, which differs from popular western beliefs. So, without further ado, I would love to share my thoughts with you guys.

Oil cleansing is used as a first step cleanse. After you oil cleanse you are meant to follow up with a regular cleanser, and when it comes to removing makeup, I strongly recommend doing this double cleanse method. Oil cleansing is amazing at removing makeup, but when used as a singular cleanser, I sometimes felt as though my skin wasn’t clean enough. Using an oil cleanser in the morning however, is a different story. Because I cleansed my skin so thoroughly the night before, I feel like using an oil cleanser in the morning was much more gentle for my skin. It left my skin soft, and perfectly prepped for makeup. I also found that I didn’t need to use as much moisturizer which was nice. It didn’t make my skin more oily throughout the day, and it didn’t make my skin breakout at all. I think that all skin types could benefit from oil cleansing; it leaves your skin nourished, and truly removes makeup better than anything I’ve ever tried. Because your skin is so clean, your skin will be better equipped to absorb your other skincare products, thus making them more effective.

So do I recommend oil cleansing? YES. I think it’s 100% worth it.

I just think it’s important to make sure that you buy the right type of oil cleanser for your skin type, just as you would with any other skincare product. Certain oils are more drying and astringent than others (such as castor oil), which would make oil cleansers containing those ingredients better suited to an oily complexion. On the flip side of that coin, other oils are much more moisturizing than others (like olive oil or avocado oil) and those would be more effective on skin that tends to be drier. In addition, certain cleansers often have added essential oils, so if you’re sensitive maybe stay away from those particular ones, or make sure that the essential oils included are not irritating. After all, there’s a huge difference between rose essential oil and lemon essential oil. You can check out all the ingredients that I have found to irritate my sensitive skin right here. You could even try creating your own cleanser if you’re a DIY kind of person! Many people have claimed that creating their own has done wonders for their skin, simply because you can tailor it to your specific skin needs.

So bottom line, if you’re looking for a killer morning cleanser or excellent makeup remover, I say give oil cleansing a try. I think it may even be a new staple product for me!

Have you guys tried out oil cleansing?? I would love to hear about your experience if you have!





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