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The Best Makeup Products for Sweaty Summer Days


Hello lovelies,

Who else has been loving this awesome weather??  It’s gorgeous and sunny, and the other day, I even got a slight tan (YAY). While I’m enjoying the beginning of summer, it’s always somewhat disastrous for me when it comes to makeup. It basically melts off my face. This means that I always have to switch up the products that I use on an everyday basis to ensure that my face is always looking fresh. Here are some key products that I think are essential for summer-proof makeup;


Need I say more? Most companies make water-proof formulations of their regular mascaras, so you get everything you love in your usual mascara, just with less smudging.


This stuff is an absolute must for me. If you’re looking for light coverage, this stuff is perfect; it’s breathable and it won’t clog your pores. Mineral Fusion and Bare Minerals make great ones (CAUTION: with Bare Minerals I only use the matte version since the others contain bismuth oxychloride, which is known to irritate skin). It’s also much more sweat friendly than liquid foundations. Certain ones can be pretty full-coverage too – just be sure to apply with a dense kabuki brush. You can also use a light dusting of this over my next essential which is…..


I love tinted moisturizers. They feel so nice and light on the skin, and they make you look so natural and dewy. BB and CC creams are amazing too. Right now I’m loving the Bare Minerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. It’s magical. Physicians formula also makes some awesome formulas for those of you looking for drugstore options!


I’m talking cream blush, cream highlighter, cream eye shadow…I find that powders tend to crease or blow off my face if that makes any sense. Cream products are much more natural which I think is lovely for summertime, and they all lend a dewier, more hydrated glow to your face that powders can’t really achieve. RMS makes the best stuff when it comes to cream makeup products, so I highly recommend checking their stuff out!



Whether you buy the famed urban decay ones or choose to just spritz some rosewater, I highly recommend this step. For one, it feels amazing, but it also makes your makeup last longer, and helps everything settle nicely into your skin.

What makeup products do you guys like to use during summer? 🙂