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Must-have Makeup Products for a 5-Minute Face


Hello Lovelies,

Fresh out of High School, I went though a stage where I really loved makeup. I watched a bunch of youtube videos, frequented Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart, and learned to apply eye shadow like an artist. It was so satisfying to see my face look so flawless and and put together, but most of all, it was fun. In life, however, eventually you outgrow certain hobbies, and that happened to me this summer regarding makeup. I recently got so sick of having to rely on all that makeup, that I decided to just go cold turkey and go make-up free for a month. It was a truly liberating experience (I’m thinking I’ll write a post about it in the near future) and I feel like it helped to bring me to a place of balance. Makeup is fun and should be enjoyed, but you shouldn’t feel like it’s a necessity in order to look and feel good. Now that i’m enjoying make-up again, I’ve reached a place where I know exactly how I want my face to look; I want to look fresh, not made up, and most of all, like myself. Just a more alive version of myself. For that, here are my essentials that I use every single day:

BB Cream – It’s good for your skin, it evens out your skin tone and look super natural. Probably my favourite thing in my makeup bag.

Translucent Powder – keeps your face from getting oily and blurs imperfection without adding any more cake to your face the way a coloured powder would.

Tinted Eyebrow Gel – my brows are pretty thick so I just want them to look neat, with a little bit of added colour. It keeps them in place and is the most natural brow product you could use in my opinion.

Mascara – Total no-brainer.

Lip and cheek cream product – hurray for dual purpose! When used for you lips and cheeks it creates a very pretty and unified look.

And there you have it 🙂





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