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How I deal with Skin irritations

Hello Lovelies,

Seeing as I am one of those individuals who is allergic to the world and everything that resides in it, it’s inevitable that I tend to suffer from skin irritations from time to time. I can honesty say that there is nothing worse; it attacks your self-esteem far worse than a few zits ever could, and it’s also incredibly uncomfortable. I WISH I was one of those lucky few who suffered through sneezing or watering eyes.


These types of skin irritations can be hard to treat, so the first thing I do is ensure that I eliminate whatever could be causing these irritations. For instance, I’m very sensitive to certain foods. Because I have ragweed allergies, I can’t so much as touch chamomile, bananas or melons. Avocados are also problematic for me. During the winter, I find that I am perfectly fine if I eat avocados a few times a week, but during the summer, I’m insanely sensitive to them. Eating them usually results in red, flaking skin around my mouth. Not cute. So as much as it pains me, I cut out avocados from my diet during these warmer months. So stay away from whatever your trigger is.

My next piece of advice is to find a gentle moisturizer to help these irritations heal. Maybe something calming, like aloe vera, or an organic plant oil; I’m really loving Marula and Argan oil at the moment. I find keeping things simple and natural really does your skin a lot of good.

If you are prone to irritations on your body, I highly suggest wearing cotton clothes and avoiding synthetic materials like polyester.

Also be careful when it comes to what you are using to wash your face. Please use a gentle cleanser, preferably something that is sulfate, paraben and synthetic fragrance free.

Lastly, this one kinda sucks, but maybe try avoiding makeup until these irritations heal. Makeup will only aggravate your skin and make things worse. So unless you have very pure, organic makeup, put down that beauty blender. (Which doesn’t mean you can’t jazz up your eyes or lips 🙂 Just avoid face products!)

These are definitely my go-to tips when it comes to clearing up skin irritations. Just remember that irritated skin is sensitive skin; be gentle! If you suffer from them as well, what works for you??