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The superfood that gives you amazing skin

Hello again lovelies,

One of the best ways to achieve good skin is through proper diet. Clean eating has a huge impact on the way that our skin looks, and without question, there are certain foods that I have noticed to have a huge positive effect on my skin. One of those happens to be a superfood powder known as maca.


Maca, also known as peruvian ginseng, is an adaptogen, so therefore it does wonders for regulating your hormones. A huge culprit of acne or troubled skin is irregular hormones. If our hormones are out of whack, our skin will be too. That’s why going on the birth control pill works so well at clearing up acne; It helps to regulate your hormones. Maca helps to balance you in a completely natural way, so if you’re having skin issues (particularly around your chin and jaw area) maybe give maca powder a try.

Yes, it is a little bit steep in price, but I feel like it’s truly worth it. It’s not only amazing for your skin, it’s also great for your general health and energy levels.

My favourite ways to consume maca is either in my morning green smoothies or in my coffee. It has a somewhat honeycomb type of taste that may take some time getting used to, but I’m at the stage where I really enjoy the taste and actually crave it.

Have you tried maca before? 🙂



Beauty, Skin Health, skincare

The best ways to remove ice pick scars

Hello all!

Today I wanted to talk about a skin issue that many of us have and struggle to completely eliminate. There’s no doubt that acne sucks, but what sucks even more than actual pimples is the remnants said pimples leave behind. For many individuals, the aftermath of zits can lead to a dark mark. Don’t get me wrong, post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation is never fun, but after a few months, it will eventually fade. For those of us who endure more severe acne, something far worse can be left behind in the form of textural scars. One of the most common types of texture scars is ice pick scars, which looks like little indentations in your skin. As someone who suffers from this type of scarring, I can honestly say that these are far more difficult to get rid of. So how can these be treated?

  1. Microneedling – It’s a medical procedure that involves a pen with tiny needles that puncture your skin. The purpose here is to cause trauma to your skin and trick it into regenerating and thus heal itself. It WORKS. Make sure that if you get it done by a professional though. And be warned; it does hurt.
  2. Collagen supplements – I gave this a try for a month and I surprisingly saw a very distinct difference. My skin looked plumper and overall a lot healthier. It really helped to fill in my scars internally.
  3. Laser treatments – This is the go-to treatment for correcting ice pick scarring. It’s effective, but also very costly. I haven’t tried it personally, but I’ve heard first hand from others that it did amazing things for their skin (and scarring).
  4. Peels – If your scarring isn’t very deep, peels are one for the best treatments for healing those shallow scars. There are various types of peels, from glycolic to fruit enzyme, and all work wonders. They’re also amazing for evening out your skin tone.

Ice pick scars are definitely more difficult to treat, and the reality of the situation is that you more than likely have to turn to professional help if you want to treat them completely. Do your research and stay positive! There is sure to be a solution out there to give you your best skin possible.

Love, Tabitha