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Some Quick Remedies for Eczema

Hello lovelies,

I have suffered from eczema all my life.

During the winter is when it flares up the most. The air is dry, and the cold weather instantly leads to dry, flaky, irritated skin. My mom has the same issue. so I assume that it’s genetic. Me having eczema was probably inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that I stop searching for the best products to keep it at bay. Through trial and error, I have found a couple select products that have worked wonders. Seriously, these have proven to be overnight miracles. So, if you suffer from eczema as well, I hope that maybe one of these products will help you out as well! Okay, here we go.

Coconut oil.


This is probably my favourite thing to use on irritated skin. Heck, I slathered some on a flare-up last night (from the extreme wind) and I woke up this morning with my skin almost perfectly smooth again. It’s all natural, and is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which makes it amazing for your skin. I do want to forewarn you though; many individuals find coconut oil to be pore-clogging, so maybe only apply a little to a small section of skin to make sure that you can tolerate it. If you can, its awesome stuff. You can find a bunch of different brands from any grocery or wellness store. Some beauty brands even have their own as well.

Second. Cicalfate cream from the french pharmacy brand Avene.


It contains the emollient mineral oil with thermal spring water and zinc. This is honestly such a power combo because it’s moisturizing and ultra healing. I’ve used this stuff all over my face and it works brilliantly. It’s also great for dry, cracked hands, elbows and knees.

Last. Shea Butter.


I love to get pure Shea butter from the brand L’Occitane (their Shea butter is the smoothest) and it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s so thick and moisturizing, and has so many different healing properties. It’s also one of my favourite lip products.

So, if you have been suffering from dry and/or eczema-prone skin, I highly recommend trying out one of these three products. Of the hundreds (no joke) that I’ve tried, to me, these are the creme de’ la creme.




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Guys Jojoba Oil Rocks


Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to give a shoutout to one if my favourite natural beauty finds. Lately I’ve been trying to find a way to go more natural. My issue is that I have crazy ragweed allergies, which makes me incredibly sensitive to all sorts of different plant extracts. Ragweed is related to the astercae plant family, which means that chamomile, calendula, daisy and feverfew (to name a few) are all off limits for me. Believe me I’ve tried, and all it resulted in was red angry skin.

So instead of reading through mile long ingredient lists and googling any scientific plant name that I don’t know (although I actually know a ton at this point haha), I feel like its probably safer to just stick to products that have only a few ingredients, or better yet, one. Which is how I came to discover jojoba oil.

It was an oil that I had heard lot about. Many say that its a wonderful natural moisturizer, especially for those of us with oily or combination skin because it mimics our skins natural sebum layer, so it helps to balance our skin. So I tried it out, and guys, let me tell you. It’s fabulous. If you want basic, moisturizing goodness, don’t hesitate. Go out and buy some now, and your skin will thank you. It’s natural, while also being inexpensive, making it perfect for low-maintenance girls on a  budget. It also works well as a body moisturizer, and on your hair. It’s even awesome for your cuticles! It’s seriously one of those products that has endless uses.

I love this one as well as this one. Of course there are tons of organic beauty brands that carry their own jojoba oil, so it’s not difficult to get a hold of in the least.

Also, if you want a list of more skincare must haves for a basic skincare routine be sure to check out my last post here.

Until next time!

Love, Tabitha.


Essential No-Nonsense Skin Care Products for busy Gals


Hello Lovelies,

Sometimes its hard to determine what is essential to your beauty routine and what isn’t. There are so many different skin care products on the market today; new innovative products that look intriguing but may not be worth it in the long run. Maintaining a complicated beauty routine is not only time-consuming, it’s also expensive. Using too many products could also potentially lead to irritation and stress your skin, which is ultimately counterintuitive to what we’re all trying to achieve here. Truth is, sometimes it’s far more beneficial for your skin to keep things simple and let your skin do its thing.

If you’re in this same mainframe, great. Now, we simply need to determine what products are must haves and what products you need to ditch. This could be different for everyone, but hopefully hearing the things that I find essential will help you in constructing your own no nonsense skincare routine.

Okay, so first of all. Cleanser.

This one is common sense. You need a cleanser to was away all the dirt, makeup and pollution that permeates your pores on a daily basis. Clean skin is healthy skin, so be sure to find a good gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin (sulphate-free is best). If you’re sensitive, try and look for one that is also fragrance-free, like Cetaphil, Cerave, Clinique or Glossier’s Milky Jelly.

Moving along. Moisturizer is also a must.

I believe that everyone should use moisturizer. Even oily skin needs moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated and balanced, and protects your skin from aging. Drier skin types should go for richer formulas enriched with emollients like shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, whereas oily skin types should search for gel creams to keep things lighter. Moisturizers are great because certain ones are also multi-tasking. If you are looking to correct a certain skin issue, look for a moisturizer that contains ingredients that help to improve that condition. If you want a moisturizer that brightens your skin, try one that’s vitamin C infused. If you want one with antioxidants, look for ingredients like vitamin E and green tea. If your skin is dry and flaky, try to use one that contains a small percentage of glycolic acid to help gently exfoliate your skin. If dehydration is your problem, search for hyaluronic acid. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, the most important step. Sunscreen.

This is an absolute essential. If you want to have healthy skin, you must protect it from the sun. Failure to use SPF can lead to wrinkles and sun damage (not to mention skin cancer). Please, please, please never leave your house without sunscreen. Just don’t do it. SPF 30 is ideal for everyday use.

And there you have it guys! Those are the three things that I believe are essential to a basic skincare routine. This is great for busy girls, or even young preteens just beginning to take care of their skin. In a world filled with endless serums, essences, eye creams, oils and exfoliants, just remember that the basics are the basics for a reason, and that sometimes simplicity is highly underrated.



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The one factor that makes all the difference when it comes to your skin

Hello lovelies,

Do you ever experience unexplained breakouts that make no sense? Your skincare game is going strong, your eating habits are on point, yet still your skin rebels. This has been happening to me as of late, and I had been trying numerous things to try and get my skin back. I was using spot treatments, drinking hot lemon water, upping my already large daily intake of greens…yet still nothing was working. It was frustrating, and the stress I had due to my skin was probably making things even worse.

And then I had a hallelujah moment. Something so simple I couldn’t believe I had overlooked it.

The past few months have been incredibly hectic for me, as I’m sure they have been for every college student out there in the world. I also have a part-time job, and coupled with the fact that I have been drowning in a sea of assignments and essays, all this homework inevitably led to numerous sleepless nights. I’m sure you guys know where I’m going with this.


Yes my friends. Sleep is the one thing that can make or break your skin.

I had been getting as little as two hours certain nights. I had completely forgotten that not  getting enough sleep is going to have its repercussions on your skin. Your skin heals itself while you are sleeping. It also lowers your cortisol levels, which in turn keeps your hormones in check. This is especially important as unbalanced hormones will lead to various skin troubles, not to mention health issues.

So get some sleep people! I have had two full nights of sleep and my skin is almost completely clear again. It’s kind of mind-blowing. it took TWO DAYS.

Getting enough sleep is common sense, but amidst the complicated nature beauty has been shaped into, it’s sometimes hard to remember those basic principles women have been practicing since the beginning of time. I’ve been working harder to manage my time more effectively so that I can ensure that I get at least six hours of sleep every night. I could still benefit from more sleep 100%, but hey, I’m a student with lots to do. I’m doing what I can 😉

So remember to get your beauty sleep and take some time for yourself. You deserve it!







This easy tip will keep your skin moisturized longer

Hello lovelies,

Fall is upon us, and I couldn’t be happier! Contrary to pretty much everyone I know, I generally don’t like summer. I don’t like summer clothes, I can’t stand extreme heat, my allergies flare…I much prefer spring or fall weather. Now that temperatures are cooling however, I find that it’s more important than ever to ensure that my skin stays moisturized. For many of you, this may mean simply investing in a heavier moisturizer. While I do like to buy somewhat thicker creams in the colder months, I find that my combination skin still can’t handle anything too heavy, otherwise I’ll break out. Cold cream style moisturizers have sadly never worked for me. Even so, I still need a way to effectively moisturize my face (I tend to get dry patches along my cheeks) or else my skin will hurt and even break out in eczema. Luckily, I discovered a trick that helps your skin retain moisture WAY so much better. Since using this trick, my skin is literally always dewy. I recently had a facial, and my esthetician marvelled at how hydrated my skin was.

So what is this magical trick?

The trick is to apply your moisturizer to damp skin and massage it into your skin.


What I’ll do is take a face mist, you can use whichever one you prefer, and mist my face right out of the shower. I’ll give it a minute or so to penetrate my skin, and then I’ll go in with my moisturizer, taking a few minutes to really work it into my skin and give myself a nice massage. Your skin absorbs products way more effectively when it’s damp, so your moisturizer will go deeper into your skin. Massaging the product is also great because you can massage until your skin becomes more tacky then damp, so that way you’re not walking around with droplets of water on your face. Massage helps to really work the product into your skin as well, plus it helps to tone the muscles of your face, making your face appear slimmer.

My favourite mists to use are Grape water from Caudalie, and also thermal spring water from both Avene and La Roche Posay.



Trust me guys, this works.



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Ingredients that Heal Acne Scars


Hello Lovelies,

When it comes to my skin, I never stress about something as trivial as a couple zits or blotchiness from the sun. Those are all temporary, and I know that in a few weeks time, they’ll be nothing but a thing of the past. The one thing I take huge issue with is the marks these blemishes can leave behind; hyperpigmentation. Or in more extreme cases, scarring. I have both, and they have been the bane of my existence since I was thirteen. They were a huge source of insecurity, and they often take months to heal, if I’m lucky. While both require patience, textural scars are much trickier to heal, so I’m always on the lookout for the best at home treatments that are both cost-effective as well as effective, which is no easy feat for a simple product you can buy at a store. It’s all about ingredients. I did my research, and those long hours on my computer yielded a lot of knowledge about what ingredients produce noticeable results. Today I wanted to share these key ingredients with you all, and hopefully save you guys a lot of time. Basically, I am writing the article that I wish I had found as a young teen.

A lot of people cite hydroquinone as an effective treatment when it come to battling discolouration and I would have to agree. Except for the fact that you’re basically risking skin irritation, UVA damage as well as exposing yourself to a possible carcinogen every time you decide to slap some on your face. No thank you. There’s a reason why hydroquinone is illegal in so many countries.

A much safer alternative that I have found great success with is kojic acid. It’s much safer and incredibly effective. Derived from fungi, kojic acid is an all natural compound that works to stop the production of melanin in your skin. It has excellent skin lightening capabilities, and is safe to use for a long period of time, unlike hydroquinone. There are many serums that contain this magical ingredient, but if you’re curious, I’ll link the one that I am using right here.

Another amazing product that works wonders is rosehip oil. It’s a celebrity favourite, and for good reason. Rosehip oil is very rich in both vitamins A and C, both of which help to regenerate your skin, thus evening out your complexion, and healing traumatized skin conditions. Like kojic acid, It’s all natural, so you can use it without fearing for your life (I wish I could say that was a joke).I like this one.

Another star ingredient that you should always look for in your skincare is Vitamin C. This is probably my favourite antioxidant to use on my face, and it’s something your should look into using whether you have acne scars to clear up on not. It’s very effective when it comes to healing your skin and making it bright and even. It basically gives you that J.Lo glow. The glow where you look super healthy and radiant and almost ethereal. Ethereal looking skin is basically my big goal in life haha.

To keep this post from turning into a novel, I’m going to end it here, but a part 2 is coming your way shortly!

hope this was helpful 🙂

Love, Tabitha

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How to Care for your Lashes

xtreme 0848

Hello Lovelies,

The odd times that I ever watch Keeping up with the Kardashians I can’t help but be transfixed by one thing; not their lifestyle, family drama, or their crazy couture clothing. For me, it’s all about their spectacular lashes. They’re like giant fans that could cause hurricanes and devastation with the blink of an eye..

My eyelashes are depressingly mediocre. Funny enough, my dad and brother are the two that somehow got the amazing eyelashes in the family (unfair). For the past while, I’ve been testing out different treatments/ methods for my lashes to help them grow, and today I wanted to share the ones that I’ve had the most success with!

Eyelash serum – There are so many amazing ones on the market today – I personally use one by NeoStrata. It’s fabulous, and I notice a huge difference when I use it regularly. I’ll link it right here.

Castor Oil – This stuff is magic for your eyelashes. It really makes them grow!! Plus it’s all natural if you’re into that.

Good ol’ Vaseline – I still do this age old trick to help strengthen my lashes overnight. Also, if I plan to leave the house without makeup on, I’ll put a little on my lashes to help them look darker and shiny. Fun fact: Jennifer Aniston apparently swears by this beauty hack.

Lash Primer – This is essential to help protect your lashes from harsh mascaras. Or you can simply choose to instead use…

Natural mascaras – the ingredients in natural mascaras tend to be more gentle and nourishing. Many claim to even work as a treatment for your lashes. I have one from emani cosmetics and I love it. It’s enriched with soy and other great stuff; you can find it here.

Use a gentle eye makeup remover – I really like gentle micellar waters as well as non-fragrant plant oils, such as almond oil or jojoba.

And that my friends, is how I like to care for my lashes! what do you guys do? I’d love to know! 🙂