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Some Quick Remedies for Eczema

Hello lovelies,

I have suffered from eczema all my life.

During the winter is when it flares up the most. The air is dry, and the cold weather instantly leads to dry, flaky, irritated skin. My mom has the same issue. so I assume that it’s genetic. Me having eczema was probably inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that I stop searching for the best products to keep it at bay. Through trial and error, I have found a couple select products that have worked wonders. Seriously, these have proven to be overnight miracles. So, if you suffer from eczema as well, I hope that maybe one of these products will help you out as well! Okay, here we go.

Coconut oil.


This is probably my favourite thing to use on irritated skin. Heck, I slathered some on a flare-up last night (from the extreme wind) and I woke up this morning with my skin almost perfectly smooth again. It’s all natural, and is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which makes it amazing for your skin. I do want to forewarn you though; many individuals find coconut oil to be pore-clogging, so maybe only apply a little to a small section of skin to make sure that you can tolerate it. If you can, its awesome stuff. You can find a bunch of different brands from any grocery or wellness store. Some beauty brands even have their own as well.

Second. Cicalfate cream from the french pharmacy brand Avene.


It contains the emollient mineral oil with thermal spring water and zinc. This is honestly such a power combo because it’s moisturizing and ultra healing. I’ve used this stuff all over my face and it works brilliantly. It’s also great for dry, cracked hands, elbows and knees.

Last. Shea Butter.


I love to get pure Shea butter from the brand L’Occitane (their Shea butter is the smoothest) and it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s so thick and moisturizing, and has so many different healing properties. It’s also one of my favourite lip products.

So, if you have been suffering from dry and/or eczema-prone skin, I highly recommend trying out one of these three products. Of the hundreds (no joke) that I’ve tried, to me, these are the creme de’ la creme.





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